Founder of Inner Wheel


  • Mrs. Margaret Oliver Golding
  • Manchester, UK

The cradle that lit the flame of Inner Wheel

Margaret Owen, Later Mrs. Oliver Golding the wife of a Manchester Rotarian, was born of Welsh parentage at Hey Brecon. She was trained as a nurse and served as such during the First World War. This triggered off a deep desire to help all ailing,deprived humanity. she was an ex tremely capable business woman and a great philanthropist, Her chief social interest being the Manchester Girls’ Orphanage, and Ancoats Hospital, for which the Inner Wheel Club of Manchester provided and furnished a mortuary chapel. She also did a great deal for the Girl Guide movement, in which she held the office of commissioner.

She formed directly and personally numerous clubs and several Districts and her inspiration is remembered to this day. She successfully achieved an even harder task in persuading members to look beyond their local concerns and become part of a greater whole.

Her’s was a vital personality combined with a clear brain and the ability to convey ideas to others. She was an excellent speaker and had a lively sense of humour which enriched her words. Nature had endowed her with the gift of inspiring friendship and even devotion. Her greatest attribute was courage and courage was what Inner Wheel needed in the begining. Inner Wheel was firmly established during her lifetime upon the path which it was to follow thereafter.

Heres To The Women!
Who is loyal to the family and friends,
Who expects no more from others,
Than she is willing to give.