Association President's Message

Association President

  • 2024-25
  • Sunita Jain

Dear Inner Wheel friends,

As the National President of Inner Wheel clubs in India I am honoured to work together with all members to build a stronger Inner Wheel community.

Together we will uplift and inspire creating positive changes in our local community and beyond.

Let's embrace this collective journey with enthusiasm and dedication knowing that our efforts will strengthen Inner Wheel in India and contribute to the Global Inner Wheel family.

Together let's leave a lasting legacy of love, kindness and compassion.

Dear friends enjoy your year in office and lead your club to great success. Your dedication will inspire other members to participate actively and passionately.

"Realise your visions and make a difference."

Enjoy the satisfaction of giving and receiving.

Join me as we create a brighter future for all. Let's continue to open the magic box of Inner Wheel and create a world filled with friendship service and understanding.

Celebrate life,
Celebrate Inner Wheel !!!!
yours in Friendship
Sunita Jain
Association President and National Representative 24-25