District Chairman's Message

District Chairman

  • 2023-24
  • Pallavi Choksi


Sunshine Greetings.

It is with great pride and honour that I take up as the District Chairman of our prestigious Inner Wheel District 314 in the International Inner Wheel Centenary Year 2023-2024. For a century, Inner Wheel has been at the forefront of social and humanitarian causes across the world and this year we celebrate its remarkable journey.

Inner Wheel has been a driving force of change in society. It’s mission to create Strong Women, Stronger World has resulted in numerous initiatives like vocational training , education of the girl child, promoting financial literacy, teaching digital literacy skills and conducting women’s health programs

We will contribute to the society at large with the Association goals of TRAILBLAZER with District Rural, Urban Medical and Environment projects

I am so excited to share my collective vision for the Centenary IW Year 2023-2024 . It will be a year not only of service but also of celebrations. We dedicate it to PANCHAMRIT- the divine nectar of five elements of Seva, Sanskriti, Shiksha, Suraksha and Samarpan .

Seva- to the seniors and needy
Sanskriti-to promote our rich Indian heritage and culture
Shiksha– Digital Education for all
Suraksha– Protecting our children and Environment
Samarpan– Dedication and Commitment for a better world.

Let it be a year of PURNA YAGNA @ 100 and embark on this historic year with renewed energy and determination with IIW THEME of SHINE A LIGHT

Thank you .

Pallavi Choksi
Centenary District Chairman